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Keeping you informed- LSM Technologies COVID- 19 Plan

It’s been a strange few weeks, but we don’t want you to become a stranger.

We would like to assure all our customers that as of right now (24th March 2020), LSM Technologies is open for business as usual. This includes our sales, technical departments, as well as our warehouse for inward and outward deliveries.

In saying that, given the rapid rate at which things have been changing over the past few weeks, we are monitoring the situation closely and will update if things change or as more information becomes available from our Australian Government, if and when we have a Stay at- Home Order.

Visiting LSM Offices / Getting in touch with us

While we would much prefer to see you in person, at this time we’re going to have to keep our (social) distance and as such ask that unless important / urgent that we are unable to see any visitors.

Also, as much as we enjoy a visit, we'd ask you that at this time to please try and keep physical visits to a minimum. If you do need to visit us for any reason or are unsure, please call ahead first so that we can

  1. Ensure the relevant people you need to visit are available- Or
  2. Provide you with alternate options such as a phone or video conference. 

Should the Australian Government announce a Stay at Home Order and LSM Technologies close, their offices will will not be able to send or accept dispatch / deliveries but should you need to contact us urgently then please contact us as follows:

  • Phone: Office 07 3725 8100 (will be diverted) or 0417 937828
  • Email: For Sales / Technical / Orders / Support enquiries or for Administration:

 Keeping you up to date
We’ve created a page on our website to keep you up to date on:

  • Current status of our services  / business changes.
  • Measures we have in place to protect our people and your equipment
  • Any changes in circumstances or supply chain to help with your own planning

 We’ll be posting to this page as information becomes available, so please check back regularly for updates. 

Protecting our Team

To minimise the risk of exposure to our team, many of our staff are currently working from home. They are fully contactable (refer to (Contact Us), but it may take a little longer to get in touch with certain individuals.

In the meantime - keep yourself updated, stay safe, and please don’t hesitate to get in touch as above if you have any questions. 

Peter Woodford (Managing Director) and the LSM Team.

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