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TURNALARM: Audible Visual Awareness- Cyclists / Pedestrians.

TURNALARM System is a Visual and Audible Alarm Warning unit that is installed on the Side a Vehicle (and / or Trailer) to warn Pedestrians and Cyclists of a Turning vehicle.

TURNALARM System is Inactive during normal driving and only activates when turning Left (and / or Right). During a vehicle manoeuvre the high intensity LEDs will flash whilst the built-in speaker will provide an Audible warning to gain attention of the Pedestrian / Cyclist.

TURNALARM  offers both Light and Sound to reduce the risk of Cyclist and Pedestrian interaction that may not be looking or headphones whilst travelling.

TURNALARM can be fitted to the Vehicle or a Trailer with or without Audible warnings and at night will auto- switch the Warning Light and Sound 50% of its intensity / sound.  

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