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FloGas Britain Ltd  are one of Europe’s leading LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) suppliers in the UK, with a presence in Britain, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Belgium and the Netherlands. FloGas are part of FTSE 100-listed DCC Energy with an annual turnover of £11 billion. FloGas within the UK operate >600 vehicles in their Fleet and their Fleet Manager- Steve Mior- speaks about the implementation of VT BrakeSafe. For more information please contact us

FloGas Case Study- Preventing Rollaways with BrakeSafe

Kier Group is a leading property, residential, construction and services group. They operate across a broad range of Industry sectors including defence, education, housing, industrials, power, transport and utilities. Kier Group employs over 21,000 people in its operations in the UK, the Middle East and Hong Kong.

Darren Judd- Kier Environmental Services Manager, speaks about their success with the implementation of VT BrakeSafe and IDent DriveStop Systems on their >750 mixed fleet of heavy vehicles. For more information please contact us

Kier Group Case Study using IDent: DriveStop to prevent vehicle theft.

Mecalac is one of UK's largest manufacturers of Front Dumpers and they state "Mecalac had yet again taken the site dumper industry to a new level, with the addition of Vision Techniques (VT) innovative safety system “SensorVision” (as featured on the BBC), its an award winning hazard detection technology that uses a radar to prevent any collisions by alerting the user.The system is unique to Mecalac dumpers and we’re lucky to have the honour to represent the leaders in dumper technology (see their web site and video below).

Bomag / Fayat Group are rolling out the VT Banksman / Sensorvision (Radar Sensor + Auto- braking System) for their Compactor Equipment-see demonstration below:



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