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VT Banksman: Auto- Emergency Braking Reversing Radar Detection System

Protect staff, pedestrians and cyclists with our 100% accurate Reversing Radar, the ultimate in Rear Safety. If audible and visual alarms are ignored, the Banksman Radar automatically applies the Brakes using unrivalled accuracy and reliability.

Prevent reversing accidents Automatic braking in danger zone Eliminate rear end

VT Banksman Auto-BrakingRear visibility continues to be one of the most vital requirements when looking to improve vehicle safety. Camera systems offer a window of the reverse angle, but if distracted or out of your field of vision accidents can still occur.

Our award-winning VT Banksman Auto-braking Radar reduces the risk of colliding with objects, vehicles and specifically pedestrians thanks to its FMCW microwave radar collision prevention system.

Active when reversing, the Banksman unit uses microwave radar which recognises objects that have entered into the programmable field of vision, set up into three detection zones.

The driver is warned audibly and visually with an in-cab display. With our Auto-Braking Banksman, the brake is automatically applied if the danger is ignored within the final ‘red danger zone’, preventing any collision.

Our VT Banksman Auto-Braking Radar can detect human objects with 100% accuracy and our case studies show customers with the system have had no reversing accidents to date.

Our range of Banksman Radars are all designed to improve vehicle safety, help drivers make difficult manoeuvres in larger vehicles and prevent compensation claims - pulling an end to reversing accidents for your fleet. For more information please contact us.

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