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See How- it- Works Video of LSM Technologies FSM 1.5.1v Telematics System. This version is not just a Fleet Tracking and IVMS, but also integrates our Tyre Monitoring System, Cabin Pressuriser / Filtration, Vehicle Safety Technologies (Banksman AEB / IDent, Brakesafe),  Drive Fatigue Camera and our other technologies. Our Australian designed and in- house developed FSM can be implemented world- wide and is evolving daily with customised integration of other Safety, Maintenance and Productivity technology so as to assist you in maximising protection of your Human and Equipment Assets

Please view the following video clip as our Vehicle Safety Solutions BDManager- Brendan Villiers- explains some of the features of our OH&S Product Technologies and how they provide live data to our FSM™ Fleet Safety Manager (Maintenance) Telematics System.

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