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The  XLR® Powered Precleaner & Filtration Technology contains High Efficiency and Arrestance (99.9%) Filter Elements that also provides dramatic extension of these Filter Elements upto 1,000 hours in the most extreme of operating environments.

In addition as the XLR® is before the Engine Radial Housing Filter then:

The  XLR® Powered Precleaner & Filtration Technology:

  • Precleans >90% of the incoming Air- flow (back into the environment) and acts as the Primary (Pre- Filter) Filtration for the Engine Air.
  • Delivers clean / pre- filtered air (filtered 99.99% ISO fine dust) flow to the OEM Filtration Unit which in turn travels to the Engine.
  • Precleans and Filters (99.99%) the Airflow, the OEM Engine Filter remains virtually clean and would last indefinitely.

 NB: OEM Engine Housing Filter Elements should be replaced every 1,00 hours or as specified by the OEM.

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High Efficiency XLR® Filter Element


                 RadialSHIELD: Engine - XLR Powered Precleaner High Efficiency Prefilter - Extended Length


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