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This is a special section for our Recreational Users of Caravans, Campers and RV's that want to reduced / eliminate dust from entering the inside the cabin area.

Dust inundation effects Cabin Internals, Clothing, Food, Electrical Components (fridges, etc), Air-Conditioning System and the like, whilst it is quite a task to cleanup, especially when travelling dirt roads in the outback.

LSM Technologies solution is our RESPA Cabin Air Precleaner, Pressuriser and Filtration Units that are simple to install and are very effective at avoiding dust inundation.

For more information:

  • See how the RESPA Works at this link.
  • See the available Installation Kits Layout Drawing at the end of this section or at this link.
  • See some examples below for mounting the RESPA CF Unit to your Caravan / Campers / RV.
  • Please contact us for further advice, purchasing the kits  or see our On- line Shop if you wish to purchase the RESPA only

RESPA CF- on Roof Top of Caravan: This is the recommended mounting of your RESPA CF Unit to best optimise CF performance.

Air Outlet Vent installed RESPA Mounted on Roof


RESPA CF-  Mounting on the Toolbox:This is another recommended option for mounting of your RESPA CF Unit to best optimise CF performance.

RESPA Mounted on Toolbox Outlet Vent installed


RESPA CF- Inside Toolbox: This is not the recommended installation as the RESPA Precleaner Ejection Filter will eject 98% of Dust into the void of the Toolbox

RESPA Mounted inside Toolbox Inlet to RESPA Unit
Caravan Single Respa Kit Drawing Email this File (2,848.25 KB)

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