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This is a special section for our Recreational Users of Caravans, Campers and RV's that want to reduced / eliminate dust from entering the inside the cabin area.

Dust inundation effects Cabin Internals, Clothing, Food, Electrical Components (fridges, etc), Air-Conditioning System and the like, whilst it is quite a task to cleanup, especially when travelling dirt roads in the outback.

LSM Technologies solution is our RESPA® Cabin Air Precleaner, Pressuriser and Filtration Units that are simple to install and are very effective at avoiding dust inundation.

For more information:

  • See how the RESPA® Works at this link.
  • See the available Installation Kits Layout Drawing at the end of this section or at this link.
  • See some examples below for mounting the RESPA CF Unit to your Caravan / Campers / RV.
  • Please contact us for further advice, purchasing the kits  or see our On- line Shop if you wish to purchase the RESPA® only

RESPA® CF- on Roof Top of Caravan: This is the recommended mounting of your RESPA® CF Unit to best optimise CF performance.

Air Outlet Vent installed RESPA® Mounted on Roof


RESPA® CF-  Mounting on the Toolbox:This is another recommended option for mounting of your RESPA® CF Unit to best optimise CF performance.

RESPA® Mounted on Toolbox Outlet Vent installed


RESPA CF®- Inside Toolbox: This is not the recommended installation as the RESPA® Precleaner Ejection Filter will eject 98% of Dust into the void of the Toolbox

RESPA® Mounted inside Toolbox Inlet to RESPA® Unit
Caravan Single Respa Kit Drawing Email this File (2,848.25 KB)

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