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Sleeping Child Check Monitor®

Avoid the fear and anguish experienced by parents, bus drivers, and the school district from a child (or an adult) being lost or injured after being left alone on a bus. To eliminate these occurrences, LSM Technologies strongly believes the Sleeping Child Check Monitor® should be an industry safety standard. This device reminds the driver to move to the rear of the bus to conduct a search for any child (or adult) that may be left behind before exiting.

How It Works:

Our Sleeping Child Check Monitor® for Buses and Coaches works in three simple steps:

  • Warning lights are activated when children enter the bus.
  • The Sleeping Child Check Monitor® is turned on and becomes engaged when the ignition of the bus is turned off.
  •  In order to deactivate the monitor, the bus driver must move to the back of the bus and depress a button on the monitor.
  • If a driver fails to deactivate the monitor and exits a door, the horn will sound reminding the driver to check for any sleeping children )or adults) on the bus.
  • The Sleeping Child Check Monitor®  is easy to install and its heavy duty construction prevents breakage.

FAQ / Common Questions:

When does the monitor activate?
The monitor activates when the warning lights are turned on.

Where is the switch mounted?
The switch is mounted at the rear of the bus. If there is an emergency exit door at the rear, the monitor is mounted above it. This prevents the driver from deactivating the monitor from the outside of the bus.

Is the monitor available only for new buses?
The Sleeping Child Check Monitor® can be installed on new buses and is available as an aftermarket safety product that can be installed on many of the buses currently on the road.

How long is the warranty on the Sleeping Child Check Monitor®?
There is a two-year warranty Sleeping Child Check Monitor® covering all parts.

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