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LSM Technologies / Doran now brings a new dimension to managing Pneumatic Tyres wit the SmartLink Tool. The SmartLink Tablet adds to our technology portfolio with a Off- line Tool for Manual Inspections, Programming, Maintenance and Off- line Storage / Analysis of Tyre Pressure and Temperature (and Tyre Depth) Data especially where telemetry is not available.

The SmartLink Tablet is used to communicate with all our Tyre Monitoring Systems with RF or LF Sensor / Transceivers used on tyres of Truck and Trailer Fleets, OFF Road Equipment and Multi-­Trailer applications. It can be used to set up the Transceiver configuration and attain information on Tyre status via walk- around pre- starts / inspections.

The SmartLink Tablet can connect with a PC to download the saved data for documentation and analysis- the SmartLink Tablet has many features- including:

  • It is fit- for- purpose and robust in design.
  • Quickly program a complete Vehicles for all Tyres
  • Can quickly and easily re- program new Sensors.
  • Workshop can "point" and determine  / target what Tyres require attention.
  • Download, Store and Analysis Pressure and Temperature Data
  • Complete Walk- round Checks.
  • Enter Tyre Depth Measurements.
  • Point (upto 30 metres) and read all Tyre Data for each Vehicle Asset.
  • ...............and much more.

For more information please download the PDSheets below or see our:

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