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The following section will discuss the differing Classifications or Rating of Filter Element Media. Typically a DOP (Dispersed Oil Particulate) Test is performed that challenges the Media with a Aerosol of varying Particulate Sizing which is measured by a Photometer for:

  • Arrestance Efficiency: Simply this is the measure of how efficient the Filter Media is in removing Particulate or Fibre from the Aerosol Challenge- the higher the efficiency the Higher the rating Class / Rating.   


  • Volumetric Penetration: This is the reverse of Arrestance Efficiency which can be expressed as Volumetric Penetration- that is if a Filter media is 99.97% Efficient then the Volumetric Penetration (percentage that got through the media) would stated as 0.03%.

Typically (according to EN1822) a DOP Testing Unit is utilised that uses a Aerosol Generator and a Photometer that measures the results.

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