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LSM Technologies Q-CABAIR™ Connection Box / Module combines the  internationally renowned Sy- klone RESPA® HyperFLOW units for supplying both the Filtered External and Recirculation Air supply to the worlds highest OH&S Arrestance Standards.

Some of the specific benefits / advantages of our Q-CABAIR™ Connection Box / Module with the Sy- Klone RESPA® External and Recirculation Air units are:

  • Housing Design: The Core Module Plenum / Connection Box is made from 304 Stainless Steel  and powder coated, reducing heat absorption in high ambient conditions and the Core Module will never rust or deteriorate.
  • Installation / Commissioning: The consists of a Core Module Plenum that mounts directly to a single point and single ducting into and out off the Cabin, commissioned and DOP Tested to EN1822- so ready to just Mount and Duct the completed Module.
  • Standardisation for any Application: As all the working components are contained on the Q-CABAIR™ Core Module Plenum then it can be easily adapted and mounted to a Single / Dual Cabin Light Vehicle, Earthmoving Equipment, Fixed Plant Cabins- virtually any Machine or Cabin.
  • Small and Low Weight Foot-print: The Core Module is light (under 25kg) and has a small foot- print.
  • Fully Transferable: Can be transferred easily from one vehicle to the other. As  the material is 304 Stainless Steel then the Core Module will last many years of service.
  • Single Ducting: Single Ducting connection into and from the Cabin to the Q-CABAIR™ module.

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