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LSM Technologies Q-CABAIR™ Quality Cabin Environmental Air Technology uses the internationally renowned Sy- klone RESPA® HyperFLOW units for supplying the Q-CABAIR Core Module Plenum with External and Recirculation Air supply to the worlds highest arrestance Standards- EN1822- HEPA >H13 Filtration.

The combination the specialised features of the LSM Technologies Q-CABAIR™ Quality Cabin Environmental Air Technology and Sy- klone RESPA® provides for a unique and internationally proven system that will protect your Equipment and Human Assets against Airborne Particulate and Fibres

Please also download our Q-CABAIR™ Quality Cabin Environmental Air Systems- "Understanding the Design Essentials" presentation for a complete overview of the current and future design of our technology. 

Some of the specific benefits / advantages of our Q-CABAIR™ Quality Cabin Environmental Air (QCEA) Systems are:

  • Robust in Design: Durable, Fit- for- purpose, compliant to ever- evolving OH&S Standards and warranty is for 30,000 hours
  • Housing Design: The Core Module Plenum is made from 304 Stainless Steel  and powder coated, reducing heat absorption in high ambient conditions and the Core Module will never rust or deteriorate.
    Installation / Commissioning: The Q-CABAIR™ System consists of a Core Module Plenum that is DOP certified and ready for installation. It mounts directly to its Mounting Assembly, Ducting work is added,  commissioned and ready to go.
  • Standardisation for any Application: As all the working components are contained within the Q-CABAIR™ Core Module Plenum then it can be easily adapted and mounted to a Single / Dual Cabin Light Vehicle, Earthmoving Equipment, Fixed Plant Cabins- virtually any Machine or Cabin. Subsequently, your  Q-CABAIR™ can be standardisation for spares / ancillaries
  • Small and Low Weight Foot-print: The Q-CABAIR™ Core Module is light (under 40kg) and has a small foot- print.
  • Exceeds HEPA levels of Filtration:  Q-CABAIR™ provides for HEPA >H13 Class (EN1822) Filtration levels- the highest in the world. LSM Technologies uses a NATA approved DOP Testing Unit with a guaranteed and certified Core Module before it leaves our workshop. Current Standards for HEPA levels  for Fibre / Particulate is 0.03% Volumetric Penetration @ 0.3 micron. So your Q-CABAIR™ system will never be redundant with ever changing OH&S exposure limits.  
  • A Heavy Duty / Performance Blower: A specialised (12 or 24 VDC) Blower is used in the Core Module Plenum to  provide controlled / static Air Flow boost that will increase Cabin Pressurisation of upto 200 pascal (maximum recommended), whist also maintaining adequate Air Flow / leakage for Co2 Concentration Offset and less work for Sealing of the Cabin. The Q-CABAIR™ will also maintain a constant and known Cabin Pressure set- point for accurate Cabin Pressure Monitoring / maximising Filter Element Service Life and will ensure that Cabin is not Over- pressurised. 
  • Co2 Concentration:Q-CABAIR™ caters for Single to Multiple (5 personnel) occupants in a Cabin. International and Australia Standards for TWA levels of Co2 should not exceed >700- 1000 ppm. This requires (AIRHA) an inflow of Fresh Air of >10-15 litres / sec for each occupant of the Cabin. Our Q-CABAIR™ Module can provide for >70 litres / sec of External air flow to offset Co2. 
  • High volume Recirculation Air Filtration:  With a total Air flow of 150 litres / sec, the  Q-CABAIR™ will provide more than 70 litres / sec of Recirculation Air Flow so as to rapidly remove any airborne contamination at >H13 from inside the Cabin. The  Q-CABAIR™ will provide filtration for most Cabin volumes at a rate of 30-60 times / hour.  
  • Lower Thermal effects upon System: As all components are inside the Core Module Plenum then less external heat effect upon the System via reduced pipe work.
  • Fully Transferable: The Q-CABAIR™ is can be transferred easily from one vehicle to the other. As  the material is 304 Stainless Steel then the Core Module will last many years of service.
  • Annunciator Panel / Electrical Controls: A fully "Full Plug and Play" Electrical connection enclosure contains the Controls and Annunciator Panel for the  Q-CABAIR™. An Hour Meter is added to the Control Enclosure on the Core Module so that total operating time of the unit can be ascertained and also assists with recording of time duration between Filter Element exchanges. Also there are three "daylight" LED's for indicating if there is a failure of the RESPA CF, CFX or Blower Fan Motors.
  • High Ambient Air- Conditioning: An (optional) Secondary Air- conditioning System (Chiller Kit) can also be easily added to the Core Module for High Ambient conditions. This provides Dual Air- conditioning System by tapping into the existing machine HVAC System. Improves cooling of vehicle (multiple occupants), rapid temperature drop from standing latent heat accumulation, extends Compressor / Factory HVAC service life- also replaces Condenser upgrades.
  •  Alternator Upgrades: In many cases (eg Light Vehicles / Trucks) the factory Alternator is not adequate to supply consistent power to the electrical system and all the ancillaries devices added to these vehicles. LSM Technologies offers a Heavy Duty (optional) Alternator Upgrade that not only ensures a consistent power supply to all vehicle / machines electrical ancillaries but maintains a constant Cabin Pressure and longevity of Vehicle's Battery service life.
  • LSM Technologies maintains a philosophy of "continuous improvement" and so we are in constant R&D to improve the existing features as well as new ones to our Q-CABAIR™ Quality Cabin Environmental Air (QCEA) Systems including:
    • Co2, CO, Refrigerant Gas & Temperature Sensor Integration and Particulate Monitoring for mass concentration.
    • In addition, our telemetry Fleet Safety Maintenance System Telemetry / Web Based Management System provides:
      • Live Telemetry collection of Data- Cabin Pressure, Co / Co2 Levels, Temperature.
      • Analysis & Reporting for each Vehicle Cabin Environmental conditions.
      • Warning for Filter Exchange.
      • Recording of Data to validate compliance & corrective actions as required- eg Opening of Windows, Smoking in Cabin, etc.

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