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Additional features are:

1. Tools.

The use of our Smart Maintenance and Programming Tool provides:

  • Tyre Pressure Checks: Using the Smart Link Tool is a quick way to check your Tyre Pressures and Temperatures at ground level during your daily checks. It is quick, easy and will get your vehicle on the road quicker.
  • Accuracy: Because the Smart Link Tool is digital, there is no need for calibration and has a 100% accuracy of the Tyre Sensor data.
  • Set- point Pressures: With accuracy you can determine the Tyre Pressures and Temperatures and so you can quickly determine re- Pressurisation requirements according to the tyre's duty.

2. Integration.

  • Telemetry Data Communication: Under a NDA, LSM Technologies can provide your Fleet Management Systems provider with either RS232 or J1939 protocols so as to integrate into their telemetry system.
  • LSM SafetyTrax: LSM Technologies can provide you with the complete package- Monitor or Black box already integrated into our FSM™- Fleet Safety Management Telemetry System with Web based Storage, Reporting and Analysis of your Tyre Data.

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