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Caravan / Camper Filtration + Pressurisers

Caravan Filtration / Pressuriser System

Caravan Filtration / Pressuriser System

RESPA® CF2 Techhnology is the ideal robust solution to positively Pressurise and reduce / eliminate Dust from entering your Caravan , Camper or RV- especially when travelling on dirt roads.

As we all know, dust inundation effects the Caravan / Camper Internals, Clothing, Food, Electrical Components (fridges, etc), Air-Conditioning System and the like.

So what differentiates our RESPA®  from other Passive or Fan type Filtration units fs the RESPA®  patented Precleaner technology.

  • Precleaner constantly ejects >97% of the incoming dirt back into the environment- before it loads the Filter Element and no matter how loaded the Filter Element becomes.
  • Precleaning the incoming air means longevity of the Filter Element as well as maximise the pressurisation of the Caravan / Camper.
  • With other types of passive / fan type filtration systems the Filters block quickly which reduces / stops air flow and pressurisation.
  • Loss of positive pressurisation= ingress of dirt.

See how the  RESPA® Precleaner works at this animated link.

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