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LSM Technologies FSMTM Fleet Safety Maintenance (Management) System provides users with Fleet Tracking information via a GPS / GSM Telemetry Hub mounted in the vehicle. The intuitive web browser interface provides single click access to fleet dashboards, customisable reports, compliance tools as well as real time, user defined alerts. The FSMTM Fleet Safety Maintenance (Management) System provides even more than standard Fleet Tracking.

LSM Technologies FSMTM Fleet Safety Maintenance (Management) System is a web based / on- line management solution is scalable from a single vehicle up to thousands and unlike other systems, LSM Technologies FSMTM Fleet Safety Maintenance (Management) System also  provides for integration of our specialised Product Technologies for compliance recording, data acquisition, reporting and analysis:

See our video clip of our Vehicle Safety Solutions BDManager- Brendan Villiers- explaining some of the features of our OH&S Product Technologies and how they provide live data to our FSM™ Fleet Safety Maintenance (Management) Telemetry System or please contact us to assist you further.


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