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Conventional / Standard Cabin Pressuriser / Filtration Unit (PF) and associated Filter Media are no longer Compliant to meet todays OH&S requirements. The are riddled with design issues that make the complete Unit or System unreliable to provide consistent filtration performance and so as harmful to the Operators Health and the Equipment.

Subsequently, so as to provide the best protection of your Human and Equipment Assets, many aspects beyond just inundation of "Dust" is required

Within the next sections, we will consider and discuss "Understanding the Essentials" in the criteria of a Quality Cabin Environmental Air System that takes into account all aspects of the Cabin Environment  which is also robust, cost effective, reliable in design- and compliant to current and evolving OH&S Standards by maximising:

  • Protection of Operators Health and Safety (Micro- sleeps / fatigue, etc) to OEL Legislation Compliance.
  • Protection of Cabin internals.
  • Cost savings in HVAC Maintenance & Filter Element use. 
  • Productivity.

Please also download our Q-CABAIR™ Quality Cabin Environmental Air Systems- "Understanding the Design Essentials" presentation for a complete overview of the current and future design of our technology. 

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