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Attaining the maximum Filter Element Service Life from your PFP Units is extremely important, as they are an expensive maintenance consumable.

The essential aspects to be considered are for the External Precleaner.

  • It is the External Air Precleaner (and its efficiency) that is the most significant component of the System that will provide the maximum Filter Element Service life.
  • The more efficient the Precleaner, the more Particulate that is removed from the Air prior to the Filter Element and so less loading- longer Filter Element Service life.
  • Precleaner Efficiency should be more than 96- 98%, be capable of removing fine and course Particulate and maintain its efficiency, irrespective of the Filter Element loading. This is especially when using HEPA H13 /Media as its High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance filters Particulate and Fibre > 0.3 micron at 99.97% Volumetric Arrestance.
  • "Passive" Precleaner- most Precleaners used on Conventional Pressuriser / Filter Units (PF) are Engine Air Intake Precleaners which are "passive" devices.  Engine Precleaners rely on high speed Air Flow from the engine to be efficient, are not effective with Particulate <5.0- 10.0 micron, are considerably lower in efficiency and as the Filter Loads the Air Flow slows down- subsequently steep exponential and quick Filter Loading. 
  • An "Active" Precleaner means a technology like the RESPA™ External Air PF Unit used on our Q-CABAIR™ Quality Cabin Environmental Air Systems. The Active Motor provides a continuous and consistent Air Flow Volume over the Filter Element. Subsequently, no matter how loaded the Filter Element, the efficiency of the RESPA™ PF Units  never diminishes- therefore providing maximum possible Filter Service Life of any technology.

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