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When designing a Quality Cabin Environmental Air System it must provide ample air supply to the HVAC so as to produce Optimum Thermal Exchange / Operator Comfort.

Optimum Operator comfort will:

  • Reduced Operator Fatigue and potential for Micro-sleeps
  • Increase concentration
  • Enhance Operator and Machine Productivity.
  • Extend HVAC Service Life- (less System loading).

Some essential Quality Cabin Environmental Air System design / configuration considerations are as follows:

  • Evaporator Efficiency: It is essential that to attain optimum Thermal Comfort that the Evaporator remains clean- so in protecting the Operator at HEPA H13 / H14 filtration then the HVAC Evaporator remains clean and at its highest operating efficiency.
  • Ducting & Ancillary Components: These transfer External Air (and Recirculation Air) to the Cabin. Transfer of heat (or cold) will occur and be added to the Cabin HVAC and Compressor loading.
  • High Ambient Conditions: In many cases the OEM Factory Fit HVAC is not capable of providing optimum Efficiency / Operator Thermal Comfort in high ambient temperatures. Subsequently, consider adding either an additional Condenser Upgrade or as in our Q- CABAIR Core Module an option to have an integrated "Secondary" HVAC Evaporator. A Secondary Evaporator and Controls can then efficiently cool both the Recirculation and External Air supplies and "taps" into the existing Air- Conditioning system extending HVAC life and its performance.
  • HVAC not working Efficiently: Normally if a HVAC system is not working then this results in a "parked- up vehicle" with loss of associated Productivity.

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