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LSM Technologies Fuel Purification Systems is a unique and specialised technology for sterilising Vehicle Fuel Systems and Large Static / Mobile Storage Tanks by removing Free / Emulsified Water, killing / removing Bacteria and Contamination Particulate to 99.50.

The LSM Technologies Fuel (Diesel) Purification System consist of the following primary technologies combined together:

  1. MFC (Micro- Separator Fuel Coalescer): Removes Particulate, Emulsified / Free Water and Bacteria. 
  2. MFS (Magnetic Fuel Stabilisers):  When added to the Fuel Purification System, Bacteria passes through the Magnetic Fuel Stabiliser’s (MFS) magnetic field and the electrical charge that exists within the salts that make up the Bacteria cell wall are disrupted. Due to this action the bacteria can no longer regulate its Ph level (degree of acidity) rendering them in a dormant state, the direct result of this is that the bacteria can no longer multiply.
  3. Alarm Sensor Kit: Use the Alarm / Water Sensor Kit to monitor the contamination level in your Micro- Separator. The Alarm / Water Sensor Kit is universal for 6- to 24 Volt systems, supplied with cables and fits straight onto Micro-Separator Port.

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