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Should I use just a Fuel Stabiliser or Micro- Separator on it own?

Bo- the complete system should be installed consisting of:

  • Fuel Magnetic Stabiliser:  to kill / make dormant the Bacteria in the Fuel. 
  • Micro- Separator: to remove strings of bacteria, contamination (over 10 micron) and free / emulsified water.
  • Alarm Sensor Unit:  To provide an alarm / warning that the Micro- Separator collection compartment is full and requires draining.

The complete system should be installed for correct Fuel Purification otherwise, the final outcomes may be disappointing.

How is it possible that fuel bought from a supplier, may still contains water, particles and bacteria, although it leaves the refinery in a clean and good condition?

From the refinery to the end-user; the fuel is transported and stored by various means. In storage tanks and fuel pipes, oxidisation can occur due to the presence of water or condensate water which forms between the top of the stored fuel and tank. Due to these moist conditions fungus and bacteria end up in storage tanks and enter the fuel chain.

Can’t anything be done about this?

Yes: It is certainly possible to take preventive measures. Using our Fuel-Stabilisers to make sure that the diesel fuel can be delivered bacteria free (i.e. free of living bacteria) in combination with our in line Micro-Separator. The Micro-Separator not only removes all the excess water from the diesel fuel (more than 99,99%) but even particles like sand and rust, which are larger than 10 micron.

If I fill my tank at such a Tank Station, I won’t run into trouble then?

If you fill it with fuel which is free of bacteria and water into a tank which is already contaminated and dirty, all the efforts of your fuel supplier have been in vain. You too will have to make sure that your fuel storage and fuel lines are clean and that they stay clean. You will therefore have to fit the same type of LSM Technologies Fuel Purification System in- line to your fuel system.

Is it always necessary to fit a fuel Magnetic Stabiliser?

Yes.  If your fuel system is contaminated, our Magnetic Stabiliser will constantly give the fuel the necessary treatment. If your fuel system is not contaminated, you will at least prevent it from becoming contaminated in the future.

If I fit a fuel Magnetic Stabiliser, will it then still be necessary to fit a Micro-Separator?

Yes:. Bacteria in your tank form a slimy mass which floats in the fuel. The Micro-Separator removes this bio- mass, all of the free  / emulsified water and contamination larger than 10 micron from your diesel fuel, without you having to mount filters with filter inserts. Your regular fuel filter will encounter much less pollution and will therefore last much longer, which will be more cost effective.

Is it also possible to protect the fuel in the Storage / Tank?

Yes, when the fuel is being pumped around in the whole system the Fuel Magnetic Stabiliser will protect against micro-organisms- use our specialised Tank Conditioning System. There are also other magnet systems available on the market; some of them even have multiple magnets. Are these better than the Fuel-Stabiliser? No, the amount of magnets used is of no importance. The only important thing is the strength of the magnetic field of the magnet (or magnets). This strength is also called magnetic flux density and is measured in Tesla. For example one magnet of 1 Tesla is equally effective as four magnets of 0,25 Tesla each.

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