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There is a misconception that the use of Ride- on Sealants + Balancers are only for Puncture Sealing, which on its own will provide enhanced Safety, as well as enormouse Costs Savings.

But there is more.........................!

Ride- on Sealants provide much more- they are Tyre Protection Systems (TPS) that gives you many other direct and in-direct benefits.

LSM Technologies Ride- on TPS Tyre Sealants / Balancers are not just about sealing punctures- some additional of the features are:

  • Safety: by maintaining set- point pressures longer, then tyres maintain their optimum inflation pressures, run cooler and with puncture sealing will reduce potential safety issues with vehicle roll- overs and blow outs.
  • Fuel Savings and Performance: It is a fact, maintaining correct tyre pressures means less road penetration (dirt) less rolling resistance and so increases fuel economy- up to 5% in Transport Industry.
  • Air Pressure - eliminates porosity leaks: Independent fleet tests have proven that tyres containing Ride-On maintain their set point pressures up to 500% better than untreated tyres and reduced tread wear and increase tyre service life.
  • Road Maintenance: Mining / earthmoving / construction where unsealed roads are utilised, less tyre penetration means reduced road maintenance.
  • Balanced Tyres / Dampen Vibration: Hydrodynamically balances tyres. Ride-On will dynamically act to dampen vibrations for the life of the tyre so they do not need periodic re- balancing and will not clump up or clog valve stems like powder balancer's will.
  • Corrosion Protection:  Will not harm tyres and wheels- Ride- on TPS Tyre Sealants contain specialised additives to provide protection of your rims against corrosion.
  • Cooler Tyres / Casing Life: Less flexing, bounce and fatigue means cooler tyres and enhanced casing life.
  • Reduces Downtime / Puncture Sealing: Prevents flats, seals multiple punctures up to 13.0 mm (1/2") in diameter, slow leaks, vent holes, bead seats and o-ring leaks. Makes any tyre into a self-sealing tyre by eliminating 85-95% of flat tyres due to punctures in the crown of a tyre, we can keep your fleet running, reduce costly road service calls, and eliminate run-flats.
  • Retreading / Repairs: Ride- on TPS Sealants will not interfere with major repairs and because is conditions the Rubber / Tyre Casing then increases the potential for retreading tyres.
  • Mounting / De- Mounting- Saves labour: Helps with mounting and de-mounting of off-road, industrial, mining and agricultural tyres. High heat can cause a tyre to weld itself to a rim, resulting in hours of labour spent trying to break free the tyre bead and ultimately resulting in damage to the tyre and rim.
  • Safe to use: Non-flammable, non-hazardous, biodegradable.
  • Water dispersible: Washes out with plain water leaving no residue. Ride-On will not interfere with the application of boots, section or tyre plug and patch repairs.
  • Suitable for all weather conditions: Specially formulated to prevent freezing at extremely low temperatures -40 DegC and separation at high temperatures. Greening: as Ride- on TPS is biodegradable / water soluble then using / disposing of our formulations assist users with reducing their Carbon Footprint - see our Going Green section on our web site.   

See how Ride- on TPS Sealants can provide you with enormous costs savings by completing the fill- in worksheet and send back to us, to provide you with a comprehensive Return- on- Investment Analysis (ROI).

Also see our FAQ for more details on how Ride- on TPS is more than just a Sealant!

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