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Learn about the benefits of the RESPA

The RESPA SD and SDX HVAC PFP (Precleaner + Filtration +Pressuriser) Systems are a patented technology that act initially much like an Engine Air Precleaner, in that it removes particulate from the air before it enters the HVAC system.

However, rather than relying on the engine air intake flow (as with Engine Precleaner), the RESPA SD PFP Unit is motor driven and forces air into the HVAC system with continuous precleaning- prior to air entering the Filter Element.

A few unique benefits and features of the RESPA SD / SDX PFP's are:

  • Optimum Flow:  The Precleaner (RESPA SD for External Air) provides an optimum flow rate to the Cabin at approximately 80 CFM (40 l/s). Controlled air flow means that the Filter Element will not load quickly unlike other PFP's that use excessive air volumes of upto 400 CFM. 
  • Maximum Precleaning Efficiency: As the Precleaner air flow is forced through the Filter Element (not "drawn" like other PFP's) the precleaning efficiency is between 94- 96% and actually increases as the Filter Element is loaded.
  • Extends Filter Life: The combination of the unique design of RESPA Housing, Sy- klones HEPA Filter MediaPrecleaning Efficiency and controlled Air Flow, means that Filter Element service life can be extended by 10- 20 times that of any other Filter Media- and this means extensive savings.
  • Pre- cleans even with the HVAC off: As the RESPA unit is motor driven then it still operates and precleans even when the HVAC is off.
  • Maintains Cabin Pressurisation: Provides air flow (RESPA SD for External Air) to the Operators Cabin (approx 40 l / sec or 80 CFM) so as to optimise designed positive Cabin Pressure (min. 39- 49 pascals). Under pressurisation of the Cabin will allow external contaminant to enter the Cabin and Over- pressurisation can cause headaches and harm / damage the Operators eardrums. The built in safety of the RESPA means that even at "stalled" pressure the maxim Cabin pressure that can be attained is 300 pascals (0.044 psi).
  • Cooling / Heating Coils: By ensuring that RESPA SD (External Air) and SDX (Recirculation Air) units are installed, maximum filtration of the air is secured (>0.3 micron @99.97 % efficiency). Subsequently, service life of the major HVAC components are extended. Likewise, as the Evaporator coils are not been subjected to blockage from contaminants then optimum thermal exchange for Operator comfort is also secured.
  • Increases Operator Comfort: The RESPA SD and SDX design concept establishes a balanced air flow from both the Recirculation and External air supplies and therefore provides clean / fresh air as well as the HVAC system maintains efficient cooling / heating. This means less fatigue and reduced potential for contributing to "micro- sleeps". 
  • Enhances OH&S / OEL Compliance: Reducing  / eliminating the entry of contaminated air into the Cabin. RESPA decreases odours and enhances health for the Operator. Using the RESPA SD / SDX design concept with HEPA grade filtration also means compliance to Australian (and International) legislated standards for OEL (Occupational Exposure Limits) of Respirable dust.  
  • Sy- Klone Filtration: So as to comply to OEL legislation, then only HEPA grade Filter Elements (extracts all particulate >0.3 micron @ 99.97% efficiency) are to be utilised. The RESPA SD / SDX provides for this level of filtration and with our own designed MERV16+ and HEPA Grade Filter Element Media. The Sy- klone MERV 16+ Filter Elements are specially designed for "surface filtration" rather than "depth filtration" (HEPA) and so ? extends Filter Service Life as well.
  • Cabin Cleanliness: Increases the cleanliness of the cabin and protects mechanical / electrical components.
  • Mounting:  The RESPA SD / SDX PFP Units can be installed in any orientation in / on any application. The are light weight (approx 5.0 kg / each with Filter Element), are easily adaptable on any bracket / surface / HVAC system and can be affixed to any Mobile of Fixed Operator Cabin.

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