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Features and benefits of our Sy- Klone® Series 9000® Engine Air Pre- Cleaners are numerous with a few being:

  • Greatly extends air filter life- upto and More than 700%.
  • Reduces downtime to replace Filters.
  • There are no spot-welded parts.
  • Designed with pre- screen to protect from larger debris.
  • Expels all types of mixed debris, including mud, snow, rain, leaves, sawdust, chafe, and dust.
  • Non-reflective surface finish- no glare.
  • Works in all weather conditions.
  • Strong construction of polymer material- cost of reinforced polymer and strength of steel 
  • Non-corrosive material compared to metal types.
  • Top Dome fasteners are designed for "break away" so will not destroy other components if impacted. 
  • Uniquely designed for three (3) stage Pre- cleaning.
  • Sealed for life rotor bearings.
  • Lowers overall engine maintenance costs.
  • Lowers cost per operating hour.

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