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A little about our Company Team Leader:

 Peter's humble entry into the specialised lubrication industry begun in 1983, where he started with German manufacturer of specialised lubricants-KLUBER-  as a Application Sales Technician. Over the 5 years with the company Peter attained extensive lubrication application know- how for various applications in the food, textile, cement, steel and many other industries.

 Then in 1988 he started as a consultant for Optilube / OPTIMOL, another renowned German (now part of BP / Castrol) specialist lubricants manufacturer and then he continued later as the NSW distributor.

However, Peter had a specific passion for Large Open Gear driven machines, such as grinding Mills and Kilns. Over the years Peter had developed specialised engineering skills to Run- in, Repair, Trouble- shoot, Align, Recondition and Run-in in these large Open Gear Drives and so he decided to start his own company in 1990 with his partner Dieter Trenkner.

So GEARTECH PTY LTD was borne securing the exclusive distributorship within Australia and surrounding islands with REINER CHEMISCHE FABRIK (later to become part of the Fuchs Group as FUCHS LUBRITECH GmBh) also specialised lubricants manufacturer and especially known for its world renowned CEPLATTYN Open Gear Lubricants.

In 1995, FUCHS LUBRITECH GmBh acquired a shareholding in GEARTECH and in 1997 the company changed its name to FUCHS LUBRITECH AUSTRALIA PTY LTD, with GEARTECH  becoming a specialised division of the company as it moved into other specialised applications and industries.

Over the many years of operation, the GEARTECH Open Gear Division has established itself as a leading edge of technology for maintenance, lubrication and operation of open gear drives- especially within the metalliferous /  mining and cement industries.

This division today provides unsurpassed technical services and high performance open gear lubricants to some of the largest mine sites in the world and maintains liaisons and alliances with many OEM's and engineering companies.

The development of Fuchs Lubritech Australia Pty Ltd (Geartech Pty Ltd) was self- funded and within 11 years became one of the largest Specialised Lubricants Suppliers within the Australian market, establishing over 7.0 million / annum sales, three offices nationally in Australia and approximately 25 employees.

Today, Fuchs Lubritech Asia Pacific Pty Ltd is also servicing / managing all of Asia from Australia (now a sales company of more than AUD 15.0 million / annum).

Peter's commitment to Lubrication Engineering (Tribology) has been continuously displayed over the last 25 years in:

  • Sponsorship of international Tribology Conferences.
  • Sponsor to the QUT (Queensland University of Technology) Tribology Chair (headed by Professor Will Scott retired and adjunct Professor to QUT).
  • Member of the Strategic Management of the QUT Mechanical Engineering / Tribology Chair.
  • First Open Gear Training program provided in 1994 sponsored by the Curtin University.
  • 400 page /13 module Training Program for Large Open Gear Drives which has been attended by many company delegates within Australia and around the world.
  • Development of computations and procedures for Alignment of  Single and Bi- Directional, Double Pinion Open Gear Drives.
  • Design of PLC Controlled Lubrication Systems for Bearings and Open Gear Drives.

    Other Skills developed by Peter over 30 years in engineering and business have been:

  • Specialised Lubrication, Application and Technical / Engineering- know- how.
  • Extensive International networking and liaisons.
  • Corporate Governance / Compliance.
  • Business Development and Strategic Planing.
  • QA / Human Resources / OH&S.
  • Business acquisitions.
  • Successful operation and development of businesses.
  • Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.
  • Associated Diploma in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Completed numerous courses with Macquarie University of Business Management including residential courses in Strategic leadership, Corporate Governance, etc.
  • Other industry related memberships.

    It is Peter's philosophy to always strive for "continuous improvement". As such, a lot has been learnt- but of course there is always more to learn! So we continue to improve and provide high quality specialised products, services and develop additional skills.

    On- going training of all our personnel is also paramount, so armed with a "continued improvement philosophy" will aim to extend the service life of our customers equipment, increase productivity and assist in the asset management objectives- as well as increase workplace safety and protection of our environment.

    Looking forward to the  next 30 years and beyond in developing solutions for our customers..........!

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