LSM Technologies

Reverse safety, avoid Un- authorised access to Controls and Vehicle, Automatic Emergency Braking, prevent Vehicle Rollaways / Runaways due to failure to engage Handbrake. Controlled Stop of vehicles in an Emergency, Prevent false insurance claims, deter theft, vandalism and ensure Compliance.

Vision Techniques is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers for >30 years of patented specialised Vehicle Safety Mitigation Controls to reduce the risk of Vehicle and Pedestrian / Cyclists interactions, Collision, Vehicle Theft, Vehicle Runaways / Rollaways, Operator RFID Control Security and Maximisation of Fleet Efficiency and Safety.

There’s a range of unique specialised technologies including TurnSafe (Cyclist / Pedestrians),  Automatic Emergency Braking, Radar Sensors Systems, Radar Alarms, Vehicle Operator and Crew security Systems.

LSM Technologies expands its OH&S Technology and Service portfolio with Vision Techniques Safety Engineering Controls and Services to help prevent accidents, save you money and motivate best driver practice, bringing you peace of mind and the ultimate protection to your vehicles.

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