Sunday Project News Report- Workplace Exposure to Airborne Particulate- Tunneling

Published Tuesday 14 Dec, 2021 by Peter Woodford

Recently, the Sunday Project (FB 5th Dec 2021) completed an investigative report about exposure of Workplace Airborne Particulate in Tunnelling Construction. There were many "takeaways" from the news report that brings to question the lack of appropriate and uniform National Australian Exposure Standards to protect workers, not only in Tunnelling but many other Industries. For more nearly 2 x decades, LSM Technologies has provided a "loud voice" advocating and pursuing the evolution of Standards and providing the latest technology in Dust exposure Mitigation Controls for Fixed and Mobile Plant Cabins.

It sounds as if maybe someone has been listening

See this very informative News Report, with some significant "takeaways" being:

  • Other diseases such as Arthritis are attributed to exposure by harmful Particulate. 
  • There has been much focus on workers exposure and resulting disease with Bench Cutting- but not other Industries such as Tunnelling, Construction, Quarrying and Mining.
  • Multiple Machines, Fixed and Mobile Plant, it is virtually impossible for any Ventilation System to adequately handle all the dust exposure.
  • There is an escalation / resurgence of Silicosis amongst effected workers.
  • It is more about the exposure of the "Dust we Don't See" that harms our workers.
  • There is a need for adoption of a common National Australian Exposure Regulation Standard.
  • Harmful Dust exposure has been an issue since the early 1900's- it is still with us today
  • SafeWork Australia recognise that "Silicosis is not limited to this sector and that they have agreed to focus on other Industries including Construction, Quarrying and Mining". 
  • One of the Panels final question is: "Where is the point that Governments are accountable for Worker Exposure to harmful Airborne Particulate?" 
  • Extensive litigation of Industry employers is accruing.

LSM Technologies enhancing: Workplace OH&S + Equipment Damage Control + Productivity.

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Sunday Project- Tunnelling News Report Video- 5th December 2021