LIFT Industries Integrate LSM’s TMSystem with Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWP) for greater Safety.

Published Monday 14 Sep, 2015 by Peter Woodford

Lift Industries, who specialise in the manufacture, sales, service and repairs of Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWP) have engaged LSM Technologies to provide our Industrial Tyre Monitoring System (TMS) to be integrated with their MEWP’s On-board CanBus and E-Stop systems for enhanced Safety and Compliance. 

Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWP) offer one of the safest and most efficient ways to undertake temporary work at height.highly mobile applications such as:

  • Power stations, solar panels and wind turbines installation and maintenance.
  • Forestry - Arboriculture, Tree Surgeons, Tree Maintenance.
  • Glazing / Glaziers / Glass Merchants - Installation and repair.
  • Industrial Factory and Heavy industry use.
  • Journalism - Media and filming, use amongst photographers.
  • Kit-out - Shop fitters and refurbishments, Maintenance.
  • General property and facility maintenance.
  • Petrochemical Industry - Oil and Gas Refineries, Inspection and maintenance of storage tanks and pipe work
  • Mining, Quarrying- maintenance, installation
  • Utilities Industry- high voltage repairs, maintenance and installation.
  • And much more.

Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWP), such as the Terex LT40 unit mounted on a Hino truck, are generally not fitted with stabiliser arms, instead utilise either ‘Spring Lock’ or ‘Torsion Bar’ stability type systems to help maintain a stable platform when operating the boom. 

This means correct Tyre Pressures are now a critical element in maintaining this safe level of stability. Imagine a deflating tyre on one side of the truck, it can mean loss of stability and a dangerous situation.   For this reason, MEWP trucks must now be fitted with a TMSystem (Tyre Monitoring System) to maintain safety system compliance according to Australian Standards AS 1418.10 (2011) and AS 2550.1 (2002). 

Jacques Dunn, Engineering Manager from Lift Industries, said “We are not only fitting LSM’s TMS units to all these new vehicles, but we have integrated via a J1939 connection to active the on-board Stability Warning and E-Stop safety systems, which will provide a warning and can immobilise the boom if a low tyre pressure is detected, and prevent a dangerous situation developing”. 

Truck mounted Elevated Work Platforms and associated safety systems must be built and tested to AS 1418.10 (2011) and AS 2550.1(2002) Australian Standards.  The stability testing procedure for new MEWP vehicles can be made significantly more efficient with a TMS fitted, because all tyre pressures can be verified and monitored in real time.  This can eliminate the need to deflate and inflate the tyres during the testing process.  In many cases, this also negates the need to fit heavy (400- 500kg) stabilised arms on these light trucks to meet compliance.

In addition to manufacturer compliance, there are the huge safety implications for operators of these vehicles.  LSM Technologies TMSystems provides an In-cab display, which allows drivers and operators to quickly check tyre pressures prior to operating the Boom as part of their ‘pre-start’ procedure. As such, several government vegetation clearing and civil contracts are now specifying TMSystems be fitted to all MEWPs to meeting safety compliance.

Lift Industries is an engineering business specialising in the manufacture, sales, service and repairs of Elevated Work Platforms (EWP), Crane Borers and associated components.

LSM Technologies are proud to be associated with Lift Industries as we are both industry conscious of improving safety for our clients.