RESPA Quality Cabin Air System- Solves Particulate Exposure and HVAC failures on Hitachi Shovels

Published Wednesday 14 Aug, 2013 by Peter Woodford

LSM Technologies provides a complete retrofit RESPA® System kit, engineered specifically for Hitachi Shovels. It provides a first-fit totally integrated solution for installation to factory HVAC Systems for Hitachi Shovels EX8000, EX5500, EX3600, EX2500 and EX1900.

The Hitachi Mining Shovel experienced regular extended downtime due to HVAC failure and the Filter Service Life was approximately 50 hours. In addition, the Cabin and Operator was inundated with Particulate.

A specially designed RESPA PFP System was installed on the factory Hitachi EX 3600 HVAC

After 3,000 hours of testing the RESPA® Quality Cabin Air System (see RESPA Case Study and Manual: Hitachi Mining Shovels EX3600 in Open Pit Coal Mine below) has provided:

  • Filter change interval extended from 50 to 1,000 hours.
  • HVAC has not suffered downtime since the system was installed (>3,000 hours).
  • Achieved an average of 94.81% reduction in Particulate inside the Cabin, making the environment for the Operators safe and comfortable.
  • Below compliance exposure limits of Airborne Particulate (RCS).

The test Shovel s now one of 5 x EX3600's equipped with the RESPA PFP Systems operating in the Coal Mine. As of the date of the below report, all 5 x Shovels have exceeded 3,000 hours of run time with results as above. 

The Mine Operator has now retrofitted 20 x more Hitachi Shovels with the RESPA® Quality Cabin Air Systems and they are also making plans to start installing RESPA® in other types of Mobile and Fixed Plant Cabins.

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