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Driver Fatigue and Distraction are significant risk factors in Commercial Transportation, Mining, Quarrying, Construction and other industries.

LSM Technologies innovative In- vehicle DFM (Driver Fatigue Monitor) integrated into our SafetyTrax Web based Reporting / Analysis / Alerting Fleet Management System is LSM Technologies latest Safety Solution Technology.

Fatigue from combinations of sleep loss, night driving, and prolonged work time and Driver Distraction contributes substantially to the number of motor vehicle accidents. Over the past decade, driver drowsiness / fatigue has been the subject of intensified Transportation Regulator and Private Operators interest and activity.

LSM Technologies Vehicle Safety Solutions division has developed the (DFM) Driver Fatigue Monitor.

This powerful combination of Driver and Fleet Manager alerts ensure a proactive approach to Fleet Operator as well as Public Safety.

Our SafetyTrax IVMSystems not only provides you with standard Fleet Management Tracking Data, but also integration of our Tyre pressure / Temperature Monitoring Systems and now our DFM Camera unit.

The DFM Camera is a be a stand- alone vehicle installed Camera Unit that provides:

  • Audible Alerts: Will alert / speak to th Operator to "pay attention to the road" based upon various algorithms of vehicle speed, and driver distraction / fatigue.
  • Web Based Alerts: Should a fatigue or distraction event occur, the DDM will produce an Infrared Image of the Driver and send to the SafetyTrax Web based IVM (In- Vehicle Monitoring) System.
  • Historical Reordering / Reporting: All alerts, images of distraction / fatigue events along with other data (location, date / time stamp, speed, etc) are recorded / stored for later reporting and trending of the information. This provides records and data to assist with on- going Fatigue and Distraction evaluation and management.

See the Product Data Sheet below. Click on the "Slide Show" or each image (RHS column) to enlarge / view.

Also see our Video clip below of the DFM In- Vehicle Audible Alerts:

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DDM Camera Product Data Sheet V1.0

DDM Camera Product Data Sheet V1.0 (953.02 KB)

Product Data Sheet for our SafetyTrax DDM Driver Distraction and Fatigue Monitor. ...Read more...

In- Vehicle DFM Driver Fatigue Monitor Technology

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