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LSM Technologies Distributor in South Australia- HeavyAir Pty Ltd is providing un- surpassed Service and Professionally designed RESPA Quality Cabin Air Technology now to their customers Fleets- enhancing Operator Health and providing extensive HVAC Cost- downsPhil Wilkins the Managing Director of HeayAir speaks about his experiences to date.

HeavyAirlead by Phil Wilkins has over 25 years experience in the design and manufacture of HVAC Systems, Cabins, ROPS and Cabin Pressurisers.

HeavyAir started as a distributor for LSM Technologies in late 2012 but since the has completed hundreds of RESPA Quality Cabin Air Systems to numerous types of Heavy Mobile Vehicles in the Quarrying, Steel, Mining and other Heavy Industries.

Phil is now well and truly converted to the RESPA Technology and so is his customers as they are now fitting RESPA to their Fleets (see Fig 2).

Phil has a few things to say about some of his experiences with RESPA to date:

"HeavyAir has taken on the South Australian distributorship for LSM and believes the RESPA range complements all our existing products so well we have stopped manufacturing our own filtration range and stopped purchasing inferior brands currently on the market.

"Why,.... is the question I am being asked ? Answer, It works, it ticks all the boxes , frees up valuable HeavyAir resources, also I believe it is a step forward toward an industry standard, as at the end of the day it’s the Operators health we are talking about".

"HeavyAir has also noticed on regular servicing intervals that the factory air conditioning system is still maintaining good air flow over the evaporator coil, this can be directly contributed to a clean Operator environment provided by the RESPA systems Pressurisation and Recirculation features- hence reducing down time and overheads".

Phil goes on to say:

"Peter, the following image (RHS Fig 5) is from a customers Excavator after only 2,324 hrs. The machine was fitted with an oppositions Pressuriser and Factory HVAC Filters. With this configuration of installation this machine required cleaning every 200 hrs or prior to a summer. Over its service life the excavator needed three new evaporators , as they were beyond cleaning, at a replacement cost of $2,500 + Labour + Down- time.

"Air conditioning performance relating to evaporators has resulted in evaporators needing more surface area. This is achieved by more passes and closer fin spacing's. Out dated designed Pressuriser modules don't perform with this combination and possible never did."

"The Evaporator coil in the picture (RHS- Fig 6) was after 1850 hrs and as you can see the leading surface is in good condition and  free of foreign contamination. This machine works in a concrete recycling plant and is fitted with a RESPA Pressuriser System."

LSM Technologies thanks Phil and his team for all their great work and we look forward to continuing to working closely with HeavyAir in providing excellence in Technology Solutions and Service.

For more information, please Contact us or HeavyAir

HeavyAir- Speaks about the Benefits of RESPA Quality Cabin Air Systems to Fleets

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