RESPA SD / SDX Ultimate PFP Solution- Komatsu WA 320 PZ- Cement Plant

Published Monday 1 Mar, 2010 by Tim Griffiths

The RESPA SD / SDX Ultimate solution was installed on a WA320 PZ-6 Wheel Loader for a Cement Plant application- and is Komatsu SMART approved.

The RESPA SD / SDX Ultimate PFP- HVAC solution was installed on a WA320 PZ-6 Wheel Loader for a Cement Plant application- and is Komatsu SMART approved.

Cement Plants are one of the most dusty operating environments  where the RESPA SD / SDX Ultimate with In- Cabin Pressure Sensor prove their enormous worth and benefits in.

  • Increased health / Clean environment for the Operator with compliance to Worksafe OEL (occupational Exposure Limits). 
  • Optimum Operator comfort with excellent thermal cooling / heating.
  • Extended Filter Element service life.
  • Reduced HVAC Maintenance.

Configuration design of the RESPA SD / SDX Solution consisted of:

  • PFP for External Air- with MERV 16+ Filter Element.
  • PFP for Recirculation Air- with MERV 16+ Filter Element
  • In- Cabin Pressure Sensor Warning Device.

RESPA SD will provide optimum filtration and clean External Air whilst the RESPA SDX will provide for filtering / cleaning of the Recirculation Air supply where airborne contamination may enter the Cabin when opening doors, Operators boots, clothing, etc.

The In-  Cabin Pressure Sensor Warning Device (ICPS) will monitor the pressure inside the Cabin. Should the positive pressure fall below 39 pascal then the ICPS will provide a warning to the Operator that the RESPA SD External Air Filter Element requires replacement or the Cabin seals / sealing requires maintenance.

The design / installation / and commissioning of the RESPA SD / SDX Ultimate Solution was provided by LSM Technologies Service Team with various modifications that were required to ensure optimum, flow rate, filtration, Cabin pressurisation and thermal cooling of the HVAC /Cabin.

Sy- klone's specialised MERV 16+ Filter Elements were installed in both RESPA units that provide optimum filtration and extending service life.

During commissioning the set- point parameters were established at:

  • Cabin Pressure of 50-60 pascal / HVAC Off upto 100 pascals HVAC ON.
  • Air supply flow rates (HVAC Off) of 38- 45 litres /sec.
  • Optimum HVAC thermal efficiency- testing Cabin temperature of 27 degC down to 18 degC in 9 minutes- at engine idle.
  • Expected Filter Element life of RESPA SD500 hours and RESPA SDX1,000 Hours. 
  • ICPS unit was tested to ensure that the Indicator Warning LED illuminated below 39 pascal and extinguished when pressure was above this set- point.   

Sy- klone RESPA PFP Units are not only the ultimate control measure for reducing Operator exposure to Respirable / Inhalable Particulate, but also provide enormous costs savings in maintenance and associated productive losses with extension of Filter Element and HVAC service life.

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