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LSM Technologies- Exclusive Distributor for ALLFETT Lubrication Systems and Lubrication Equipment.

Within a very short period of time since the market was made aware of SKF  ceasing supply of Vogel to LSM Technologies, we have been pursued by a number renowned International independent manufacturers of ACL Systems and Equipment.

Subsequently, LSM Technologies has accepted the Exclusive Distributorship of ALLFETT Lubrication Systems and Lubrication Equipment.

ALLFETT Lubrication Systems is a renowned European manufacture of Heavy Duty ACL Systems and Lubrication Equipment for nearly 30 years.

ALLFETT has an extensive International Distribution and proven reliability in low temperature applications in Canada to the arduous conditions of the Israel desert- with 2 years warranties on its systems.

LSM Technologies is now able to provide a complete range of Automatic Centralised Lubrication (ACL) Systems and Lubrication Equipment for:

  • Mobile Plant: On and Off Road Equipment / Rock Breakers.
  • Fixed Plant: Crushers, Feeder / Breakers, etc.
  • Industrial Plant: large ACL Systems for Plant Lubrication and Compact Oil Units for Machine Tools, etc
  • Service Equipment: Fluid Transfer, Mobile Grease Lubrication and Eclectic Drum Pumps.
  • Manual Lubrication: Manually operated Oil and Grease Pumps.
  • Fittings / Lubrication Lines and Fittings: An extensive range of specialised fittings, lubrication lines, pressure gauges, filter assemblies and more.

LSM Technologies has a proven reputation for unsurpassed technical know- how, engineering design, installation workmanshipcommissioning processes, complete / detailed documentation and after market support.

Combined with the comprehensive range of ALLFETT ACL Systems, LSM Technologies is better positioned to provide for your Lubrication System requirements.

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LSM Technologies- exclusive Distributor for ALLFETT Lubrication Systems

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