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21-Jun-2022 Worlds First- TMS Sensors compatible for Tyres using Sealants & Conditioner Fluids
20-May-2022 How LSM Tyreguard® TMSystems assist in attaining High-Yield Harvests
12-May-2022 2020 NTI / NTARC Transport Major Crash Report- 33% of Fires- Wheel End / Tyre
10-May-2022 Turners Engineering partners with LSM TyreGuard® TMSystems to protect their Vehicle Assets
08-May-2022 USSC Australia partners with LSM Technologies- TyreGuard® TMSystem with their Fire Suppression technology
04-Apr-2022 LSM Technologies- 20 Years Long!
31-Mar-2022 LSM TyreGuard® MTR360 TMSystem for 76 x Tyre PMover + Low Loader / Float
30-Mar-2022 Woods Transport selects LSM TyreGuard® integrated TMSystems and FSM® Fleet Safety (Tracking) Manager for their Fleet
13-Mar-2022 LSM RadarSense® "Smart" Radar Technology meets ADR 97/ 00 AEB mandate for Commercial Vehicles
11-Mar-2022 TfNSW mandates TS160 Standard / OTSI Investigation for ParkBrake FailSafe / Anti- Rollaway Solution- BUSES
06-Mar-2022 Work Safe NT also calls- for ParkBrake FailSafe / Anti- Rollaway Solution- LSM RollStop® Technology- BUSES
21-Feb-2022 Safe Work NSW calls- for ParkBrake FailSafe / Anti- Rollaway Solution- LSM RollStop® Technology-TRUCKS
20-Feb-2022 Hyster / Adapta- Lift select LSM SafetyViewDetect® Camera Viewing / Proximity Detection Solution- Tyre Handler / Fork Truck
20-Feb-2022 LSM Desiccant "Rebuildable" Breathers & Filtration solutions protect Bulk Fuel Farms
18-Feb-2022 LSM TankCare® Desiccant Breathers are the solution for Lube Trucks
16-Feb-2022 LSM Technologies IP developments receive Australian Made registration
14-Feb-2022 Hazell Bros Group- Saving Tyres, Money & enhanced Safety- with LSM Technologies
08-Feb-2022 TMSystem could have averted Truck / Tanker Fire- SA / WA Route
17-Dec-2021 LSM QCabAir® solves workplace exposure for CAT 854K Wheel Dozer
14-Dec-2021 Sunday Project News Report- Workplace Exposure to Airborne Particulate- Tunneling
25-Nov-2021 LSM QCabAir® (pat.pend.) ISO 23875 solution for CAT D11T Dozers
23-Nov-2021 10 Years on- Wayne shares his experience with a "near miss" and benefits of TyreGuard® Doran RV360 TMSystem
23-Nov-2021 LSM QCabAir® (pat. pend.)- ISO 23875 solution for CAT 854k Wheel Dozer
17-Nov-2021 LSM QCabAir® (pat.pend.) ISO 23875 solutions for Fixed Pant Cabins
13-Nov-2021 LSM QCabAir® (pat. pend.) ISO 23875 solution for Komatsu WA900 Wheel Loader
04-Nov-2021 LSM Sponsors NHVSI funded ARTSA-i Heavy Vehicle Fires- Causes and Prevention Program
03-Nov-2021 50,000 kms / annum Mail- run in the WA / Pilbara outback- LSM TyreGuard® saves Ross$$
22-Oct-2021 LSM Technologies supports 2021 QTA Annual Awards Night
27-Sep-2021 TMSystem could have averted Chemical Truck / Tanker Fire on M1
26-Sep-2021 UNECE- Working group- Transport of Dangerous Goods- Tyre Fire Protection
17-Sep-2021 PicknCarry Cranes- TMSystems- Lifting the Stress of Checking Tyre Pressures!
15-Sep-2021 Alcoa Introduces Innovative Dual Valve Wheel for TMSystems
01-Sep-2021 LSM QCabAir® (pat.pend.) solves workplace exposure for Komatsu PC450 Excavator
31-Aug-2021 Giving Operators a Breath of Fresh Air- LSM QCabAir® (pat. pend.)Technology
16-Aug-2021 High Country Logging- LSM Tyreguard® integrated TMSystems are essential
30-Jul-2021 LSM QCabAir® (pat.pend.) solves workplace exposure for L996 Liebherr Shovels
08-Jun-2021 LSM Technologies named top Engineering company in Australia
01-Jun-2021 LSM Sponsor of iNSTRUCKTA Road Safety Truck
01-Jun-2021 NZ WorkSafe- Standards Vehicles + Mobile Plant Air Quality in Enclosed Cabins- for a PCBU
12-May-2021 LSM sponsor at Bulk Tanker Day Conference- Truck Tyre / Wheel Fires
03-May-2021 ISO 23875 Mining Operator Cab Air Quality Standard and Performance Requirements
24-Jun-2019 LSM presents at ARTSA-i Heavy Vehicle Fires -Causes and Prevention Workshop
11-Jun-2019 LSM Technologies Invited to NHVR- Heavy Vehicle Fires Round Table
YardCheck 360 / GateReader Tyre Monitoring System Technology
08-Jul-2018 TMSystems- Mobile Cranes- Pyrolysis / Fires and Exploding Tyres
02-Apr-2018 School Bus Safety- Child / Passenger Check Monitor- Mandated in WA
15-Nov-2017 LSM QCabAir® (pat.pend) Solves Particulate Exposure & HVAC failures on Hitachi EX- 3600 Shovels
20-Oct-2017 LSM QCabAir® (pat. pend.) solution for Roadheader / Tunnelling Machines
16-Oct-2017 LSM QCabAir® (pat.pend) Cabin Pressuriser / Filtration Mixing Connection- Loader Operator in Ship Hold
16-Aug-2017 TfNSW sets new Specifications for TMSystems to mitigate Wheel Well Fires / OTSI Updated 2016 Bus Fire Report
19-Jul-2017 TMSystems- Qld Government / DNRME updated Tyre Rim + Wheel Management Standard #13- Nov 2016
Whitepaper: I can See Clearly now- the "Blind Spot" is Gone- ISO 5006 / 16001 Compliance
11-Jul-2017 Whitepaper: Tyre Monitoring Systems Saves.....Tyres, Fuel, Equipment Damage....and Lives!
03-Jul-2017 Whitepaper: Breathing Easy- Airborne Particulate / Fibre Exposure- Enclosed Cabins of Mobile & Fixed Plant
08-May-2017 LSM Technologies (DFM) Driver Fatigue Monitoring improves Safety
11-Feb-2017 TfNSW selects LSM TyreGuard® TMSystems to mitigate Bus / Coach Tyre- Wheel Fires
07-Jan-2017 Kleenheat (Wesfarmers) Tests / Certifies LSM Technologies TM Systems for Dangerous Goods Transport
28-Aug-2016 Wake- up to Driver Fatigue- LSM Technologies Driver Fatigue Monitor Solution…
17-Aug-2016 Tyre Monitoring Systems recommended to mitigate rising Bus and Coach Fires
14-Aug-2016 Larry Perkins- Legendary V8 Supercar Race Driver- endorses LSM Technologies Tyre Monitoring Systems
17-Jul-2016 MirrorEye Safety Camera Solution makes Mirrorless trucks possible
16-Jun-2016 LSM TyreGuard® integrated TMSystem adverts Potential Tyre Fire Disaster
09-Jun-2016 A call for TMSystems to become "Mandatory" for On / Off Road Vehicles- technology has proven to save Money, Time- and Lives
02-May-2016 Idemitsu- Ensham Site rolls- out LSM Technologies CE / MTR360 TMSystems on their HME
11-Mar-2016 Major Underground Operations implement LSM Technologies Tyre Monitoring (TMS) Systems
28-Sep-2015 Andrew endorses LSM Technologies RV360 TMSystem for his Caravan & 4 x 4
15-Sep-2015 Platinum Blasting Services selects LSM Technologies Tyre Monitoring Systems
14-Sep-2015 LIFT Industries Integrate LSM’s TMSystem with Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWP) for greater Safety.
10-Sep-2015 Department of Mines & Petroleum releases new Tyre Safety Guidelines- Tyre Monitoring Systems
26-Aug-2015 Australian Construction Company uses LSM Technologies Crane Viewing Systems to enhance Safety
09-Aug-2015 LSM Technologies launches new Tyre Pressure Monitoring (TM Systems) SmartLink Tool
08-Aug-2015 LSM QCabAir® (pat. pend.) Cabin Pressurisation / Filtration Commixing- for Light Vehicles
06-Aug-2015 LSM Technologies new Web Site On- line
15-Jul-2015 Allan Whiting of Outback Australia- further endorsement of our Tyre Monitoring Systems-
19-Sep-2014 Alinta Energy– Leigh Creek Coal chooses LSM Technologies Doran CE360 TPMSystems for their Dump Truck Fleet
16-Sep-2014 IBR Conferences 6th Annual Best Practices Mine Haulage Conference 26th- 27th November 2014
10-Feb-2014 RadarEye- Safety Collision System- More Features
30-Jan-2014 Belaz- largest Dump Truck in the world chooses RadarEye Collision Management System
10-Sep-2013 MTR360 Multi- Tow TMS System continues to save LCR Group Heavy Haulage Fleet
05-Aug-2013 Ray Cully Review on Ride- on / Doran TPMSystems- 4WD Touring Magazine- Ride- on and Doran TPMS has already saved him
25-Jun-2013 Tully Sugar Mill / Cane Haulage Truck Fleet LSM Technologies Camera Viewing Solutions
31-May-2013 Orlaco Quality Camera Systems for ARFF (Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting) Vehicles- DEV Compliant.
30-May-2013 Camera Camera Safety Systems for Trains- Railway
29-May-2013 AMOS Safety Camera Technology- Strongest Camera in the World!
09-Apr-2013 Quarry selects LSM Technologies RadarEye Collision Safety System on Wheel Loader
01-Apr-2013 LCR Group rolls- out LSM Technologies TyreGuard® MTR (Multi- Tow) Tyre Pressure / Temperature Monitoring Systems
16-Feb-2013 LSM Technologies Engineering "Centre of Competence" Technology Centre- Brisbane
16-Feb-2013 LSM Technologies Gold Sponsor 4th Annual Collision Avoidance in Mining 2013
08-Oct-2012 LSM Technologies Mulit- view System + 12" RLED Monitor- Komatsu PC4000 Excavator
12-Jun-2012 LSM SafetyViewDetect® Camera / Proximity Detection- LSM RadarSense® CSA Technology
06-Mar-2012 Copper Mine in Mt Isa selects Doran TPMSystems for their Heavy Haulage Trucks
05-Mar-2012 LSM Technologies Gold Sponsor 3rd Annual Collision Avoidance in Mining 2012
05-Mar-2012 LSM Technologies presents at Safety for the Resources Sector Conference
20-Feb-2012 LSM Technologies first Camera Viewing Solution for Fire & Rescue NSW- Aerial Platform / Sky lift Unit
10-Feb-2012 Mine Site selects LSM Technologies Orlaco Load View System on Cranes
10-Feb-2012 Sarens equips Cranes with Orlaco Camera Viewing Solutions-as a Standard!
10-Feb-2012 Zodiac & Custom Chrome- Europe: Ride-On's High-Speed Balancer+ Safety Solution + Sealant
09-Feb-2012 Allan Whiting tests our TyreGuard® TMSystems in the Australian Outback
23-Jan-2012 Dakar Truckers Drive with Orlaco Cameras
22-Apr-2011 Synergies of RIDE- ON + DORAN TPM Systems saves LSM Technologies MD- Twice!
10-Mar-2011 IIR Conference 7th-9th March 2011- Operator Visibility + Proximity Detection + Collision Avoidance
25-Nov-2010 New Orlaco Ruggerdised LED-7" LCD with massive improvements
07-Oct-2010 Editorial: LSM Technologies improves Crane Safety + Damage Control + Productivity
07-Sep-2010 Editorial: ISO 5006 ISO 5006 Standard for Earthmoving Equipment- Operators Visibility
23-Aug-2010 Australian Crane Operators: give LSM Technologies/Orlaco Crane Load Camera - the "Thumbs up"
17-Aug-2010 Dura Vermeer Equips 20 x Tower Cranes- Orlaco Load View Systems
12-Dec-2009 Extra attention for the Scania- Orlaco Camera System- launch of the new R Series
07-Dec-2009 Orlaco Cameras face the hardest rally in the world: the DAKAR Rally
08-Oct-2009 Three (four) "Defences"- (Administrative Controls) +Operator Visibility / Proximity Detection / Collision Avoidance
20-Jul-2009 Boral- Orange Grove- Orlaco Viewing Solutions for Plant Monitoring
17-Jul-2009 LSM Technologies invited to present at the 2009 QMIHSC- Townsville 23rd to 26th August.
07-Jul-2009 QME to hold 4 x Hands-on Proximity Detection and Collision Avoidance System Workshops
06-Apr-2009 Versacold Stops the FREEZE with LSM SafetyViewDetect® Solutions for Cold Storage Forklifts
27-Mar-2009 Coca-Cola Amatil Selects LSM SafetyViewDetect® solutions for Forklifts
24-Nov-2008 Are you compliant to the new ISO 5006 / 16001- Earthmoving Equipment / Operators Visibility?
10-May-2008 Boral Orange Grove DTrucks- LSM Technologies / Orlaco RF Camera Viewing Solution
Shovel Motivator- utilises LSM SafetyViewDetect® Camera / Proximity Detection Solution
10-May-2008 Simms Metals select LSM Technologies / Orlaco Viewing Solution on Komatsu Loader
08-May-2008 Le Tourneau Wheel Loaders use LSM Technologies / Orlaco Camera Solutions
11-Jan-2008 Southern Bowen Basin, Dragline 303 Bucyrus model 8750 Major CCTV upgrade
31-Dec-2007 LSM Technologies Orlaco Cameras for CAT Low Loader
13-Dec-2007 Woodie Woodie Mine site choose LSM Technologies / Orlaco Camera Solutions
12-Dec-2007 Rocla choose LSM Technologies / Orlaco Solutions for their Wheel Loaders
17-Nov-2007 ABM- Savage River choose LSM SafetyViewDetect® Camera / Proximity Detection solutions- for all their HME
09-Nov-2007 Orlaco- the only Camera Certified to the New Cab- over Vision Laws
31-Oct-2007 LSM SafetyViewDetect® solution for Linde / Berri Juices
20-Oct-2007 BMA- Blackwater Mines- LSM Technologies / Orlaco Camera Solutions for Kenworth C500 Service Truck
14-Oct-2007 Oxiana- Scuddles Site: LSM Technologies- Orlaco Camera Solutions- AD55 Trucks
14-Oct-2007 Water Truck- LSM Technologies / Orlaco Camera Solution
03-Oct-2007 KLM use Orlaco Cameras for Aviation Refuellers
26-Sep-2007 Komatsu Grader- LSM Technologies / Orlaco Camera Solution
26-Sep-2007 LSM SafetyViewDetect® Camera / Proximity Detection Solution- Tyre Handlers
18-Sep-2007 Red Australia- One Steel Tasmania selects LSM SafetyViewDetect® on Baumann Forklift
12-Sep-2007 BMA- LSM Technologies / Orlaco Solution for Komatsu WA1200 Loader
22-Aug-2007 Australian Bulk Minerals- Savage River Mine- use Orlaco on Merlo Telehandler
29-May-2007 Crown Australia selects LSM SafetyViewDetect® Camera / Proximity Detection Solutions
11-May-2007 LSM Technologies invited to QLD 5th Quarrying Safety Conference
27-Apr-2007 Dampier Salt- select LSM SafetyViewDetect® Camera Viewing / Proximity Detection Systems
26-Apr-2007 Ensham's Dragline uses LSM Orlaco Cameras
26-Apr-2007 Videotronics solve Dozer viewing problem
29-Mar-2007 Rio Tinto- Pilbara Iron Solve Viewing on Linde Forklift
28-Mar-2007 Queensland Rail choose LSM SafetyViewDetect® solution for their large Fork Truck
15-Mar-2007 PAMA- Indonesia use Orlaco Camera Solutions for their Komatsu PC3000 Excavators
15-Mar-2007 Terex O&K RH340 Excavator- Orlaco Camera Solution
02-Mar-2007 BMA Riverside / Goonyella choose LSM Technologies / Orlaco Camera Solutions
26-Feb-2007 Cable Reeler uses LSM SafetyViewDetect® Camera Viewing / Proximity Detection solution
01-Nov-2006 Orlaco Camera Sees All- Mobile Recording Trailer
29-Oct-2006 Smart View- Sees through Fog!
03-Oct-2006 Orlaco Smart View increases safety for Shipping
24-Jul-2006 Smart Display- Touch Screen- "NEW"
04-Apr-2006 Shell (UK)- Safety Concept Tanker- uses LSM SafetyViewDetect® Proximity Detection / Viewing Solutions
03-Apr-2006 BMA selects LSM SafetyViewDetect® Camera Viewing / Proximity Detection Solutions for Dump Truck Fleet
03-Apr-2006 RED Australia / Steel Supplier select LSM SafetyViewDetect® Camera / Proximity Detection Solutions
07-Mar-2006 LSM LSM SafetyViewDetect® Camera Viewing / Proximity Detection solution for ELG Re-cycling Grabber Unit
24-Oct-2005 ORLACO solves viewing problems for Load Loaders
16-Sep-2005 Two Year WARRANTY- Coxreels
16-Feb-2005 Large Road Construction Operator selected LSM SafetyViewDetect® Camera Solutions