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TurnSensor: Vehicle Side Object Detection System- Detect cyclists / pedestrians close to your vehicle when indicating

Ultrasonic tech to detect Audible & visual displays Tailor your detection zones Prevent turning accidents

Our TurnSensor system detects moving objects within range of ultrasonic sensors and warns of danger both visually and audibly on a display unit. The sensor system uses voltage-controlled echo pulse tones which reflect back to the sensor at their wide-angle radius.

If the pulse does not reach its radius it "detects" an object, sends an alarm to the display unit and calculates the distance to the object. The digital indicator uses a sleek, compact, easy-to-understand design and is simple to install.

TurnSensor systems are available with 2, 3 and 4 waterproof sensors and can be installed wherever you want them on your vehicle. As well as detecting cyclists and objects in close range of your vehicle, the system can help prevent accident damage and reduce insurance claims, lowering the risk of accidents.

"Detect cyclists using ultrasonic sensor systems that warn you of any danger”- download our PDSheet below.

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