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TurnSign: Visible Cyclist Warning Sign- Warn cyclists of your presence with our illuminated sign

Warn cyclists of your presence Sign can flash on indication Prevent turning accidents

Cyclist  / Pedestrian safety continues to be a priority for all vehicles that drive within city centres. Statistically the most dangerous action a cyclist / pedestrian can make is to undertake a vehicle on its left hand side, as the driver can easily miss dangers hidden in blind spots; cyclists caught when a vehicle turns left can be injured or even killed.

TurnSign, part of the TurnSafe  safety range of products is an illuminated warning sign designed to attract the attention of cyclists that approach a vehicle. TurnSign specifically improves vehicle visibility for approaching cyclists, warning them away from the dangerous left-side of the vehicle.

This system works effectively as part of our TurnSafe range, specifically our TurnAlarm audible and visual awareness system – helping reduce the risk of cyclist accidents.

See our How- it- Works Video Clip and download our PDSheet below.

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