LSM Technologies

LSM Technologies are developing their Quality Cabin Environmental Monitoring Sensor that will provide compliance data via our FSM™- Fleet Safety Maintenance (Management) Telemetry Tracking System with live tracking, recording, analysis and alerting of:

  • Cabin Pressurisation- opening of doors / windows, filter service life and exchange durations,etc.
  • Mass Concentration of Particulate- exposure inside the Cabin and for how long.
  • Temperature and Humidity- thermal comfort for Operator  / Air- conditioning failure, etc.
  • Co2 Concentration- avoid drowsiness / fatigue / acidosis.

LSM Technologies- (QCEM) Quality Cabin Environmental Monitoring Sensor is ever evolving with other potential options to be added such as:

  • Air- conditioning Refrigeration Leakage.
  • Toxic Gas Monitoring.
  • etc.

See our video clip of our Vehicle Safety Solutions BDManager- Brendan Villiers- explaining some of the features of our OH&S Product Technologies and how they provide live data to our FSM™ Fleet Safety Maintenance (Management) Telemetry System.or please contact us to assist you further.


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