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Caravan Filtration / Pressuriser Systems

Caravan Filtration / Pressuriser Systems

RESPA® CF Vortex HyperFLOW™ Technology is the ideal robust solution to positively Pressurise and reduce / eliminate Dust from entering your Caravan , Camper or RV- especially when travelling on dirt roads.

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RESPA® CF2 is a self contained / stand- alone unit with an active 12Vdc (or) 24Vdc Blower that will delivers upto 150 pascal of Cabin Pressure and >50-60 litres / second of Fresh Air Flow. RESPA® CF patented Precleaner Technology ejects more than 98% of the Dust back into the environment and so provides the longest Filter Element service life of another Pressuriser Unit with upto 1,000 operating hours. As the RESPA® CF is designed, tested and proven in the most severe industrial operating environments it will last for years.

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